Enable Conditional Access for cloud access. (Best Practice 5/10)

As an IT admin we are always challenge with users trying to access the cloud resources from multiple devices and locations. We need to make sure that these devices meet our standards for security and compliance. Just focusing on who can access a resource is not enough anymore.

To balance security and productivity, we need to think about how a resource is accessed before we can make a decision about access control. With Azure AD Conditional Access, we can address this requirement. With Conditional Access, we can make automated access control decisions based on conditions for accessing your cloud apps.

Best practice: Manage and control access to corporate resources. I recommend configuring Azure AD Conditional Access based on a group, location, and application sensitivity for SaaS apps and Azure AD–connected apps.

Best practice: Block legacy authentication protocols. Attackers exploit weaknesses in older protocols every day, particularly for password spray attacks. Configure Conditional Access to block legacy protocols.

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