Where is my Microsoft Defender for Office data residing if I am a multi-geo customer?

Welcome to our blog post on data residency for Microsoft Defender for Office P1! In this article, we will delve into the various aspects of data provisioning and processing, as well as address some key considerations for users.

When it comes to MDO P1 subscription customer data, it is provisioned in either the Local Region Geography or Expanded Local Region Geography. To ensure thorough analysis of threats and inspection of suspicious emails, documents, messages, and links, data processing takes place within a sandbox environment. This sandbox environment is specifically designed to cater to the Local Region Geography or Expanded Local Region.

Now, let’s address an important concern: MDO P1 does not store any customer data within its service. This means that your valuable data remains secure and protected.

However, there are certain instances where customer data is stored at rest in the Local Region Geography within Exchange Online Protection (EOP). These include service configuration data and policies, quarantined email and attachments, junk email, grading analysis, block lists (URL, tenant, user), spam domains, reports, and alerts. Rest assured that these data elements are stored in a secure manner within the designated region.

For a deeper understanding of data residency commitments in Microsoft Defender for Office P1, we recommend exploring the resources provided by Microsoft Learn. These resources, such as “Data Residency for Microsoft Defender for Office P1 – Microsoft 365 Enterprise” and “Advanced Data Residency Commitments – Microsoft 365 Enterprise,” offer valuable insights into the topic.

We hope this article has clarified any concerns you may have had regarding data residency in Microsoft Defender for Office P1. If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Thank you for reading!

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