OneDrive for Business

Early this week at SPC 2014 (SharePoint Conference), Microsoft announced the release of OneDrive for Business as a stand-alone subscription adding another building-block to the Office 365 family.

IT organization will now how the option to offer their end-user a simple and intuitive way to sync, share and store information in the cloud allowing employees to collaborate on Office documents in real time via a browser or using their Office desktop applications. Likewise, IT organization will continue retaining control and assuring compliance of data stored in cloud thanks to the directory synchronization capabilities.

The subscription to OneDrive for Business is currently as a part of Office 365 plans and SharePoint Online plans. However, starting April 1, 2014, OneDrive for Business with Office Online will be available also as a standalone service. The standalone offer gives each user 25 GB of cloud storage with the option to purchase additional storage.

For more information about the OneDrive for Business, visit:

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